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Dysart Family Picnic by William Frederick Witherington


Over the last few months some nine oil paintings have been added to the continually growing Hearsum Collection, which is being catalogued by FRP volunteers before making it accessible to the public. These paintings are mainly 19th century landscapes, showing scenes in and around Richmond Park.

Shown here is a picture of the Dysart family on a picnic, by William Frederick Witherington.  Witherington (1785-1865) was an English painter who regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1811 until his death.

Several of the newly acquired paintings are by James Isaiah Lewis (1861-1934), a prolific local artist.  Selling paintings – often to local pubs – was his livelihood.  He regularly painted small pictures in pairs, finding these popular with local newlyweds.  Lewis died a poor man, but now his pictures are prized in collections in the USA, Japan and Germany, along with those few now back in Richmond Park!

A professional photographer will capture these artworks so that that digital images can be added to the catalogue by FRP volunteers. Watch this space for more historical depictions of the Park coming soon.

Posted by mary.pollard

April 19th, 2013 at 8:18 am